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Class of '89?

Posted By: Slim

Class of '89? - 02/09/09 03:36 AM

Just wondering if the Henderson class of 1989 is having a 20th reunion. I moved to South Dakota so I doubt I will run into anyone from school very often! LOL
Posted By: monica89

Re: Class of '89? - 02/09/09 09:58 PM

The thought has crossed minds but I think we are all waiting for someone to take the lead....any volunteers?
Posted By: monica89

Re: Class of '89? - 03/23/09 03:53 AM

Organizational meeting for the 20 year reunion of the class of "89" Saturday March 28th- 10am at Bittersweet. If the senior class president doesn't show we will all be knocking on his front door....MK we know where you live smile
Posted By: Slim

Re: Class of '89? - 03/23/09 08:06 PM

Sorry, I won't be in MN that weekend. Definately keep me posted on what is decided at the meeting!
Posted By: monica89

Re: Class of '89? - 03/30/09 12:53 AM

Next meeting for the class of 89 reunion will be Saturday April 25th-2pm at Charlies. The reunion will be held over Kraut weekend June 26, 27, and 28th. Plans at this point are to have entries in both the Owl and main parades and a get together at the park on Saturday night.
Posted By: monica89

Re: Class of '89? - 05/04/09 04:23 AM

All Class of 89 reunion activities will take place on Saturday June 27th. Next planning meeting is set for Saturday May 23rd-2pm at my house.
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