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HHS Reception

Posted By: Doug Thomas

HHS Reception - 03/08/05 02:24 AM

Anyone interested in organizing a HHS Alumni Reception as part of the Henderson Heritage Days September 11th and 12th is asked to meet at 7:00 p.m. March 22nd at the EdVisions office at 501 Main St. We have the Brass Top Hall reserved for Saturday that weekend and would love some ideas as to an alumni event of some sort. Bring your ideas and we'll see you on the 22nd.
Posted By: velocity

Re: HHS Reception - 03/08/05 03:03 AM

You could recognize people from past graduating classes that are "celebrating" reunions (15, 20, 25, 30, 35 years) etc...

It would also be cool for classes to post on this site when/where they are holding reunions. Since Henderson was such a small school we all had a lot of contact and relationships with people that were a grade or two ahead or behind us.
Posted By: Doug Thomas

Re: HHS Reception - 03/08/05 10:48 PM

Yes, we are hoping to highlight those classes celebrating milestone years. We need volunteers from those graduating classes.
Posted By: gjloewe

Re: HHS Reception - 05/15/05 03:07 AM

Word has been that there will be a '55-80 years class reunion during the Heritage Days in September. Is this true?
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