Henderson, MN
Might as well get a football thread going for the year.

First game was a impressive victory over St. Peter (41-6) A combined running attack of over 300 yards.

This Friday's counterpart is Montgomery-Lonsdale which also won their first game (41-7)

7:00pm Start @ Le Sueur

Keep 'er going boys.
Now that KRBI is off the air, does anyone broadcast Giants football games?
Close circuit to Rick Bruns, can you set up a web stream from the booth?
Posted By: Rick Bruns Re: 2008 Football Le Sueur- Henderson HS - 09/05/08 03:35 AM
Somehow we have the ability to upload games on that internet thingy and people can stream it that way, but it's Memorex, not live. I would live to set up a web stream from the booth. I know that BP ran it live on cable during games when they played by the HS. Not sure about now.
Get the game faces on!!!!!
Where is the game tonight? Arlington or Gaylord? ...Not sure where they play football.
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