Henderson, MN
Posted By: LSH ISD 2397 MS/HS Students in the Spotlight 2/01 - 02/01/16 02:58 PM
CONGRATULATIONS to our MS/HS Students in the Spotlight this week!
6th Grade: Jevan Krentz - Jevan is kind and thoughtful. He always says hello and is concerned about getting his work in on time. Jevan is helpful and hardworking in art class. He follows directions and is so happy.
7th Grade: Carlyn Hermel - Carlyn has a great sense of humor and is a positive influence on her peers! She always turns in excellent work and puts in a full effort all the time. Carlyn is sweet and has a great personality.
8th Grade: Callie Miller - Callie is amazing...she brings a freshness of ideas to class. She is not afraid to ask questions and share her opinions. She works hard and perseveres until she accomplishes her task. Callie enlivens class and brightens her teachers' days. She is a happy girl with a very outgoing and fun personality!
9th Grade: Mackenzie Carrasquillo - Mackenzie is a hard worker and does quality work. She is respectful to others and participates in class.
10th Grade: Mary More = Mary is respectful, hardworking and conscientious. She is willing to help others, asks questions, and is focused during class.
11th Grade: Ellie Tiegs - Ellie is conscientious, respectful and of high integrity. She adds to class discussion. She pushes herself and excels and asks questions to gain a deeper understanding. She always turns in quality, thorough work.
12th Grade: Cierra Shehata - Cierra is very proactive in getting her work done and staying caught up.
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