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Posted By: LSH ISD 2397 MS/HS Students of the Month - March - 03/01/16 03:37 PM
Congratulations to our MS/HS Students of the Month for March!
6th Grade: Izak Patterson - Izak has a wealth of knowledge in a large number of subjects. He is always willing to answer questions and helps others if they are confused. He quietly does his best work every day. Izak is very studious and is great at completing his assignments and participating in class discussions. He is also trustworthy and has a great sense of humor.
7th Grade: Elli Falkman - Ellie is a sweet girl who strives to do her best work everyday. Elli is trustworthy and kind to others and helps them when they are struggling. She asks questions when she needs to and is willing to go above and beyond what is expected. Elli cares a lot about her grades and the quality of her assignments.
8th Grade: Sadie Winckler - Sadie is bright and inquisitive. Sadie is respectful, hard-working and creative and she actively involves herself in class. She has spirit and believes passionately in things. Sadie also is voracious reader and always has a book with her just in case she has an extra minute to read! Sadie is dependable, sweet and a kind friend to her classmates. She always has a smile and a good story to share.
9th Grade: Lane Schwarz - Lane Schwarz is a leader in and out of the classroom. He always does his best and sets a good example for his peers. He is responsible and respectful to all. Lane has a positive personality and is willing to participate in class discussions. Lane seems to truly understand how our students should act and behave in classes. He is a lot of fun, but knows when he needs to buckle down and get to work.
10th Grade: Dana Bach - Dana works very hard and is good natured. She has a great sense of humor and gets along well with everyone here at LS-H. She puts in a lot of time studying and preparing for class. She has a positive attitude and when if she doesn't completely understand a concept, she will persist until she has it.
11th Grade: Courtney Coats - Courtney is really pleasant to have in class. She is engaged, participates in discussions and is a leader in during group work. Courtney works hard and takes initiative. She is always pleasant friendly. Courtney pushes to get her work done during work time.
12th Grade: Mason Zeiher - Mason works hard both in and outside of class. He is one of the leaders academically in MSU Bio. Mason asks questions and is willing to problem solve. He has a great attitude and he remains persistent when faced with challenging content.
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