The other day I was at a big gas station where multiple cars can fill up at the same time on the same side of the pumps. As the last guy shoe horned his way in, I was amused how some cars were facing one way and one the other because the fuel flaps are on different sides of the car on different models. Doesn’t the fuel flap placement seem like it should be a standard? That thought got me walking down memory’s lane.

At one time, Dad had a big old Buick and the license plate, which was directly in the rear, was the fuel flap. I’d love to put a kid from today on a mission to find the gas cap on that old Le Sabre! The old Chevy Bel Air’s even had the fuel cap behind the tail light – that’s some great thinking, possible gas vapors coming out into the tail light’s electrical assembly. Those locations were outlawed due to the possibility of a minor rear end collision and instant inferno. So to answer my question, yes there is somewhat of a standard I guess.

For those that have ever driven a German car, most have the fuel flap on the passenger side. I remember my brother Dave explaining that to me, saying how it was a safety feature. It seems the Germans think if one runs out of gas it makes the most safety sense, to fuel out of the lane of traffic, on the ditch side. I guess most of us can think of the man that was struck and killed filling his car in the Cities a few years back, by a former Minnesota Vikings wife - so there is some validity to the argument. But seriously, how many times, in all the miles you have driven, have you ever seen someone on the side of the road, putting gas in their car? For me, that’s never. Never ever. My point to all this – I think the Germans are overthinking this at the cost of having to walk around one’s car every time they need to fill up. Just think how many steps one could save and how cars would flow better at the big gas stations, if all cars had the fuel flap on the correct side? Damn Germans.

Anyhow, I do have a solution to the madness that happens at the big gas stations with cars wrestling their different ways in to the pumps due to fuel flaps on either side - just go to Wagar’s. It doesn’t matter what side your fuel flap is on, as it is one car deep per side of the fuel pumps. Problem solved right there! One of the many pleasures of a small town living.