The next Eucharistic Celebration at St. Thomas is Saturday, August 8th at 5pm. Father Boeckman will be here one more week.
Last call for folks wanting more St. Thomas directories.

Dick O’Connell toured with Jim Connelly to the Black Hills area last week on the way to Sturgis, South Dakota. Dick says “... great cycling country.”

Iris Sullivan and daughters went to Hugo, Minnesota to visit and do lunch with her friend & classmate, Rita Rosendahl Shimota. Rita’s ties to St. Thomas are her mother, Doloris Bendzick, and Rita is a sister of Ray Bendzick... grew up on St. Thomas sod. Rita's husband, Len Shimota, is of the Len Shimota Band era of many years ago.

Loretta O’Connell hosted a card party recently; guests were Richard and Gert Meger, Mary Terwedo, Wally Huss, and Florian Hauer. Forgot to ask who won.

Dick and Patsy Erkel, and Greg and Tammy Osgood from Washington were here visiting the Sullivan families for a few days. About thirty members of the Sullivan clan gathered at Bob and Iris’s home last weekend as they hosted a get-together.

Many St. Thomas folks enjoyed the festivities at Giant Days in Le Sueur. Some St. Thomas folks spotted were; Tom Doherty selling buttons. John May marched with the Colorguard, Ryan Halloran and Travis Simon rode with the Le Sueur County Sherriff’s Posse. Two bright red St. Thomas trucks were in the parade. One was a ‘Simon Brick and Stone’ semi and the other an ‘O’Connell Oil’ pickup truck with passengers Gina Sticka, Eric O’Connell, Davie Connelly and Pat Swenson. Pat was driving one of the Shriner cars, when he broke down. He then joined the friendly folks in the O’Connell truck, who were pulling the Le Center Royalty, Connie Budin, Mandy Sullivan, Rachel Claffey and Emily Krekleberg. Dan Krekleberg chauffeured the Le Sueur and Scott County Dairy Royalty. Jim Plonske was driving his brother, Greg’s vintage army truck with a “Support Our Troops” banner, Buddy Callahan’s 1946 World War II Jeep was in the parade... didn’t see Buddy. The Gill lads, Pat and Joe were showing Joe’s son, Jack, a great time... and so many others, from the Le Sueur side of St. Thomas, were enjoying themselves.

Gwen Magedanz was home from Florida through Giant Days. She grew up on a farm near the old Omer Meyers place, about three miles west of St. T. Remember her dad, Maynard, with hair whiter than snow? In the 50’s and 60’s, could fix any radio or TV in the area.

Milt and Max were still flooding out gophers, as of last Monday.

Belated birthday wishes to Holly Oak, who turned 20 on August 2nd.
Bill Meger turned 37 on August 3rd and Max Sullivan also another year older on the 3rd.
Happy Birthday to Paula on the 11th and Tim O’Connell on the 12th of August.

Quote of the week; “Lovin’ without kissin’ is like fishin’ without bait.” Have a good week, folks...