CONGRATULATIONS to our Students of the Month for February!
6th Grade: Oliva Fritz - Olivia is a very responsible student who always has great class participation. She is kind hearted and caring towards her classmates.
7th Grade: Will Becker - Will is a great leader for his peers and always models appropriate behavior. Will participates well in his classes and shows care in whatever he is doing.
8th Grade: Mia Preuhs - Mia never fails to turn in high quality work in her classes. She is respectful and works hard outside of the classroom as well.
9th Grade: Kimberly Scheffler - Kimberly is hardworking and focused. She is always cooperative in class. Kimberly is a true joy to have in class.
10th Grade: Shahailey Payne - Shahailey is a hardworking student that always goes above and beyond what she is asked. She is responsible, always gets assignments done on time and is a great addition to her classes.
11th Grade: Joe Luna - Joe is a mature young man. He’s a good conversationalist. He is responsible about his academics and represents our school well in athletics.
12th Grade: David Pioske - David is creative and ambitious. He is reliable in the classroom and extra-curriculars. David engages deeply with class materials.