CONGRATULATIONS to our MS/HS Students in the Spotlight this week!
6th Grade: Camryn Falkman - Camryn is a sweet girl who has a way of making the day brighter.
7th Grade: Brianna Sippo - Brianna has been working very hard on improving her studying skills. She has made progress in advocating for herself. Brianna is very friendly and a dedicated athlete.
8th Grade: Gavin Green - Gavin is always willing to help out and is a great discussion leader. He is polite and cheerful, has a great sense of humor and he always has a smile in class.
9th Grade: Jayce Luna - Jayce is an all around great kid. He is fun to have in class and provides quality work.
10th Grade: Kim Scheffler - Kim is hard working, conscientious, and self motivated. She also has insightful comments.
11th Grade: Caleb Radloff - Caleb is responsible, self-motivated and stays on task. He also does a nice job of balancing school and extracurricular activities.
12th Grade: Josue Villegas - Josue is involved, respectful and attentive in class.