Congratulations to our MS/HS Students of the Month for February!
6th Grade: Anna Pavlo: Anna is a hard worker, with an upbeat personality. She is a very willing learner, who takes her learning seriously. Anna is responsible in her studies and goes above and beyond what is expected to do her best work.
7th Grade: Matthew Anderley - Matthew is a very pleasant young man who always has a smile on his face. He is kind and puts forth great effort. Matthew always does what is asked and works hard to do well.
8th Grade: Lauren Gregersen - Lauren is enthusiastic, persistent and not afraid to share her opinion on current classroom topics. She does great work and brings a spark of excitement into all she does. Lauren is a "role model" student. She takes pride in what she does, therefore she produces "high quality" work. We enjoy having Lauren in class.
9th Grade: Sarah Schwartz - Sarah is an excellent student. She does her best to provide quality work. She is responsible, asks great questions and participates in class. She is also kind to her peers and staff members.
10th Grade: Cassidy Hill - Cassidy is an excellent artist. She is a good student who is responsible and self-motivated. She is a joy to have in class.
11th Grade: Carson Stepka - Carson is always polite and respectful. He is conscientious. He is also quick to help students who do not catch on to concepts as quickly as he does. He has great insight. He is diligent in his work and strives for true understanding within his learning. He advocates for himself and is a leader.
12 Grade: Kyle Tappe - Kyle is an active participant in his academics as well as his extra-curriculars. He contributes in classroom discussions that lead to higher level thinking. It is obvious that he works to truly understand the material. He is courteous to his teachers as well as his peers. Kyle's positive attitude is a benefit to the classroom.