CONGRATULATIONS to our MS/HS Students in the Spotlight this week!
6th Grade: Jyorgina Flores - Jyorgina is original and creative in her artwork. She is diligent, very thoughtful and giving.
7th Grade: Elle Falkman - Elle is a model student, she puts in her best effort all the time and it shows in her quality work. Elle is also a pleasure to have in class, she is always kind and ready to help. She volunteers and makes the day brighter with her smile. Elle does a great job of participating in class and seeks to improve her understanding of whatever she is learning by asking thought provoking questions.
8th Grade: Sadie Winckler - Sadie is a sweet, dependable student who always helps out with the animals in the science room. She works diligently to understand and learn her assignments.
9th Grade: Liz Milam - Liz is very driven and is a good self motivator. She is positive and works well in group situations.
10th Grade: Alicia Boettcher - Alicia is conscientious about her schoolwork. She is a talented athlete who is hardworking, polite, respectful and caring.
11th Grade: Amanda Lamp - Amanda completes her work in a timely fashion and it is always of good quality. She is very polite and is willing to work/help other students in the classroom.
12th Grade: Maddy Meyer - Maddy is very sweet and has a passion for helping others.