CONGRATULATIONS to our MS/HS Students in the Spotlight this week!
6th Grade: Hunter Bigaouette - Hunter has a great sense of humor and is always willing to answer questions in class. He is responsible in completing all work that is expected of him and is willing to go the extra mile to help out friends and teachers.
7th Grade: Ryan Wilmes - Ryan is a kind and compassionate young man. He works hard and always has a smile on his face and is truly a joy to have in class. Ryan has a great sense of humor and is always courteous to others. He has a plethora of knowledge on many topics and is always willing to share that knowledge with his classmates.
8th Grade: Ty Westcott - Ty is kind and helpful to his classmates and others in middle school. He is a respectful and polite young man who goes out of his way to help. Ty is friendly and works hard on his school work. Ty loves to learn and is very interested in combining math and science skills. He works ahead to help the teacher make better notes.
9th Grade: Kaylee Martinez - Kaylee is always polite and turns in quality work. She is super respectful and quiet when she needs to be. Kylee is always on task, and she gets all of her work turned in on time. She works great in a group setting. Kylee is a sweet girl and a willing participant in class.
10th Grade: Gillian Bowman - Gillian is an excellent student who goes beyond what is required of her. She does a great job in class. Gillian is involved in discussions and asks questions. She is responsible and has a great sense of humor.
11th Grade: Grant Becker - Grant turns in high quality work and participates fully in class. He has great work ethic and works well in a groups by stepping up to lead. Grant contributes to class discussions and takes responsibility for his own learning. He is fun to have in class.
12th Grade: Travis Savoye - Travis is very respectful and well-mannered. He uses time in class well, and he contributes to small group work. Travis stays on top of his assignments and is friendly.