CONGRATULATIONS to our MS/HS Students in the Spotlight this week!
6th Grade: Grace Hardel - Grace is a sweetheart, she is always kind and welcoming to others. She is an excellent student who is very conscientious about her work. Grace is a responsible and thoughtful young lady and strives to do her best every day.
7th Grade: Caitlin Steinborn - Caitlin is an awesome self-advocate. She is always on task, is very conscientious about her work and gets things done in a timely manner. Caitlin is a great student, wonderful to have in class. She always has a positive attitude and is kind to her fellow students.
8th Grade: Veronica Alvarez - Veronica is a very hard worker who cares about doing a good job. She asks questions when she needs help and will help others as well. She is a great example of diligence in action.
9th Grade: Tyler Pengilly - Tyler is polite and he works hard. He is always polite and he works well with his peers.
10th Grade: Lindsay Reiter - Lindsay always comes to class with a smile on her face; she has a positive attitude and enjoys the little things in life. She does a wonderful job with class discussion and participation.
11th Grade: Dylan Pauly - Dylan has a great personality. He is responsible and works hard. Dylan thinks for himself and is fun to have in class. He engages in classroom discussions and has solid contributions.
12th Grade: Devon Cranston - Devon is respectful and creative! He has been using his time wisely and is involved in class discussions. Devon has a positive attitude and great sense of humor.