CONGRATULATIONS to our MS/HS Students in the Spotlight this week!
6th Grade: Dylan Kahlow - Dylan is willing to participate in class and works well with others. He is very kind hearted and respectful to peers and adults. Dylan works hard and asks for help when he is not understanding something.
7th Grade: Makenna Reinhardt - Makenna enjoys learning and doing well. She seeks not only to complete tasks, but also to do her best. She is kind to everyone and likes to have fun. MaKenna has a big heart and is willing to help any other student in need. She is delightful to have in class.
8th Grade: Will Becker - Will is always entertaining to have in class, he has a great sense of humor and uses it to enliven class. He also takes great pride in his work and it shows in all of his assignments. Will is very caring, kind and understanding of his peers and is always helpful. He comes to class with an enthusiastic positive attitude and enjoys the learning process.
9th Grade: Dylan Rademacher - Dylan is a pleasant to have in class. He is generally on task and works well in a group.
10th Grade: Tucker Colling - Tucker is a smart kid. He has a great sense of humor and great personality. He excels and takes charge during labs in FACS.
11th Grade: Mikayla Demaris - Mikayla is responsible and hardworking. She is also creative, epecically in art class!
12th Grade: Hannah Wilmes - Hannah is respectful in class and participates. She uses class time efficiently. Hannah sticks with things and doesn't give up.