Adapted from:
Blue Earth County Attorney Patrick McDermott "To Parents of Blue Earth County." Spring, 2016.

Dear Parents and Community Members:

Prom and graduation time is here again. This is a time of celebration for young people, and we want the activities and gatherings to be fun and safe. It is our hope that parents will take the initiative to encourage our teens to make the responsible decision not to drink alcohol or use chemicals during this celebratory time of year.

“Lights on for Prom” - Saturday May 6, 2017
We care about our teens and want to encourage community members in Le Sueur and Henderson to leave “Lights on for Prom.” Simply leave your porch or other exterior lights on all night as a symbol to show that we want our teens to have fun at prom and the after prom party as well as stay safe. Encourage your friends, neighbors and co-workers to also leave their porch light on so teens know that we are united in showing them that we want them to have a great night!

Other Prom Night Tips

Make sure your child has a plan for the entire evening and that you know it.

Do not rent hotel rooms for prom-goers.

Insist on adult supervision for all gatherings and call ahead to be certain.

Make sure that alcohol will not be served to teens. It is illegal to make alcohol available to anyone under the age of 21. Adults who do so can be prosecuted.

Be sure seat belt use is mandatory - everybody, every seat, every time!

Prom and Graduation season is a particularly dangerous time for our youth. It is estimated that across our country, over 700 youth under the age of 21 will die in alcohol related crashes during this time period. Unfortunately, many of the teens obtain the alcohol that they consume from family and friends. The good news however, is that among 10 to 18 year olds, 65% cite parents as the leading influence for them not to drink. Parents should feel empowered to help their children make good decisions during this exciting time. The tips noted above are just as important at graduation time, especially being sure that alcohol will not be served to those under the legal age at parties.

We congratulate students and parents on making good decisions...ones they can live with. Enjoy every minute of the upcoming celebrations and work to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Brian Gersich
ISD 2397

Nicole Adams

Dave Swanberg
Athletic Director
Assistant Principal

Sue Hynes
Prom Advisor

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