2018 December 1 St. Thomas News
Christmas Eve Mass with Father James Burns will be offered here at 4:00 p. m.
St. Anne’s in Le Sueur has Masses on Saturdays at 5:15 p. m., Sundays 8 and 10:30 a. m.

Many of us from St. Thomas were surprised and saddened by the passing of Tom Brown of Franklin, Kentucky. Tom grew to adulthood here in St. Thomas with many of us. He was born in 1949 on the Brown farm between Le Center and St. Thomas to Bill Sr. and Frances Sullivan Brown. Tom passed away Tuesday, November 27 at his home in Kentucky. His brother Maurice precedes him in death. Tom was a member in our catechism class at St. Thomas, the FFA and graduated with Le Center’s ”Class of 67”. He entered the Le Sueur Army Reserves with many in our community. Tom was a retired loan officer, having worked in the Bowling Green area for 17 years. A loving husband, father, and grandfather. In his retirement, he enjoyed traveling, spending time with family, and restoring cars, trucks, and tractors. The funeral was on Wednesday at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Bowling Green. Our sympathies to his wife, Patrica, their family Patrick, Elizabeth, and David, grandchildren Sydni, Ashton, Kinley, Maxwell, and Kai. Our sympathies also to his siblings, Bill, Kevin, Lois, Peggy, Marilyn, and Denise.

From Sheila Halloran Soukup on the Alaska earth quake last week. Sheila is the youngest of former St. Thomas correspondent Gert Halloran’s children, who lives in Alaska. “The Alaskan 7.0 earthquake hit Friday, November 30th at 8:29 am while many were going to work and school. I was on my way to substitute teach at Northwood Elementary and was stopped at a red light on a now very famous picture, the off ramp that collapsed during the quake. Luckily I was more concerned about the violent rocking of my car, traffic lights bouncing and seeing electrical sparks in the night sky. When the earthquake stopped, the light turned green and I turned to go to school. Many cars were still stopped in the road in total shock. I found out from a parent after I got to school about the collapsed ramp. Too close for comfort! The good news is that Alaska has great building codes and we always prepare for the unexpected event. Biggest issues are finding gas leaks, turning on electricity and structural damage to some roads and highways. Many are cleaning up lots of broken glass and tipped book cases. We are safe and very grateful no one was seriously hurt. Aftershocks continue and are unnerving but we’re getting use to them. Our son Matt lives in Eagle River which is closer to the epicenter of the quake so they have more damage as does Wasilla. The power of Mother Nature certainly grabbed our attention!”

A few Burns Cousins, about 20, gathered for a wholesome breakfast at the Roadhaus in Henderson on Thursday, the 29th. Wolffs, Fogartys, Hoehns, O’Briens, and Burnses were present. Identifying and
ordering pictures was on the agenda.

A number of friendly folks are enjoying the ‘current channel’ in the Aquatic Center Pool and the exercise equipment in that area since the big move.

From the Archives: “Edward Halloran of St. Thomas delivered 7,000 pounds of pork to Belle Plaine last week.” NPT 100 years ago...This Edward (1861-1931) still has many direct descendants living in the St. Thomas community.

Also From the Archives: “Kevin Halloran, stationed at Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico, was home to spend a week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs Donald Halloran.” February of 1991

Not St. Thomas but: Former President George H. W. Bush died last week 11/30/2018. Years ago, when Tom was on the Minnesota Valley Electric Coop board and we were in D. C.. Tom was lobbying for the coop and this writer got to go along, we walked by the White House where there was some commotion, excited school children had gathered beside the street. A security guard told us, “The President and Barbara Bush will be leaving the White House in two cars, if you want to see them get close to the children.” Sure enough, our President’s smiling face appeared close to the darkened glass window as he waved and passed by. Then, the First Lady passed in her car, many saw her playing with their dog Millie’s puppies on the south lawn the following day. Unforgettable.

Til next time, have a good one folks.