I have included a link to the flood mitigation summary completed by MNDOT in 2017.


At its Wednesday, December 19 meeting the Henderson City Council voted to support the proposed Sibley County 6 bill to be introduced in the 2019 Legislature. City and MNDOT officials are reviewing details on how that response will be formulated and information should be available shortly.

This was a summary document in front of the Henderson City Council from the December 19 meeting. City of Henderson Flood Mitigation Summary (December 18, 2018)
Action points discussed based on Sibley County Letter of Support Request

2017 Henderson Flood Feasibility Study – Background & Goals
• Commissioned by MnDOT – District 7
• Minimize roadway closures due to flood events
• Elevating roadway profiles above the 100-year flood elevation (740.08 ft - NGVD29)
• Identify a safe and accessible 10-ton route in and out of Henderson

2017 Henderson Flood Feasibility Study - Alternatives
Study revealed three alternatives (100-year flood elevation)
• MN State Highway 19 - 2,680 foot (1/2 mile) bridge - $40,013,768
• MN State Highway 93 – 3.25 miles of raised roadway - $13,926,523
• Sibley County Road 6 – 4.2 miles of raised roadway - $15,698,113

MnDOT Viewpoint Summary
• During City of Henderson and MnDOT District 7 discussions, MnDOT views the alternatives as 3 separate options. If the City of Henderson supports funding and improvements to Sibley County Road 6, MnDOT will provide a letter of support to the City of Henderson.
• If the Sibley County Road 6 alternative is constructed, MnDOT District 7 will not seek funding for the MN State Highway 19 or MN State Highway 93 road raise to the levels identified in the 2017 Henderson Transportation Flood Feasibility Study.

Proposed Sibley County Road 6 Project (50-year flood elevation)
• Raises Sibley County Road 6 to 50-year flood elevation
• $18,600,000 Projected Project Costs

Henderson Discussion
• Consider/Investigate an alternate solution for future MN State Highway 93 project- a 50 year flood event? support the Sibley County 6 proposal; combine the proposals, other alternatives?
• Mark Benson at S.E.H. indicates their company could do a 50 year Highway 93 flood study for $5000 to $10,000 depending on the scope of work and drawing needed to be produced.

Fiscal Responsibility
• 3.25 miles of raised roadway on MN State 93 creates a shorter detour route for North/South and East West Traffic
• Improvements to MN State 93 can easily incorporate a safe and accessible 10-ton route into and out of the City of Henderson
• MN State 93 Improvements achieved the highest benefit-cost ratio within the feasibility study when considering the 100 year event
• Funding both the proposed Sibley County 6 50 year flood solution and a modified Highway 93 option addresses many of the bullet points above.

Projects on the Board right now from a City of Henderson perspective and part of it's comprehensive plan include the MNDOT 93 project which will include an overlay and some maintenance for 2019/20; Sibley County 6 flood mitigation project and road work 2020/2022 and MNDOT Highway 19 work 2023/24 from Gaylord to at least 169-a should wide enough for a bike lane the entire distance is under consideration. Planning will also need to be initiated in the near future for sidewalk/street light work in Henderson city limits for this project.

See the 2016 City of Henderson adopted comprehensive Plan below/attached!

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