15 July 2019 St. Thomas News

The next Mass at St. Thomas is Saturday, July 27 at 5 pm with Father Hessian.
Fr. Hessian will also say mass on Saturday, August 10th, at 5:00p

Masses at St. Anne’s in Le Sueur are Saturdays at 5:15 p. m., and Sundays 8 and 10:30 a. m.

The St. Thomas Ladies group had a grand time at the St. Thomas Ladies Luncheon on July 9 at the Fish Tale in New Prague. This gathering happens annually on the second Tuesday in July. Next year, second and third generations from St. Thomas are encouraged to join us. Ladies at the Luncheon were the Brown sisters Sharon and Kathleen “Toody”, Margie Eischens and daughter Lisa Backman, Ellie Boisen Depuydt, Dotsie Schindler, Mary Margaret Brodt, Diane Macho, Judy and Janie Callahan, Joan Connelly, Mary Catherine Connolly, Catherine Sullivan Retka, Teresa Krenik and her daughter Betty Traxler, Diane Merry Dwyer, the Halloran sisters; Ruthie, Dorrie and Mary Louise. Peggy Cooney,
Lois Brown Solhied, Evelyn Moore, Armella Holden, Lynn and Jean Regan. Alyce Malinski Ilg,..
Lynn was the M. C., her knowledge of our St. Thomas folks, her eagerness to learn more and her quick wit kept us laughing. Lynn’s sister Jean and cousin Joan were her backups. We learned Jimmy Regan’s folk’s came from Ireland in the 1800s. They have no Regan relatives here. Meaning, the other Regans around are not relatives, awe...I have a great, great, great Grandma Catherine Regan Ronayne and I wanted to be related.

The Planning Committee for Le Sueur’s “Class of 1951” Reunion met on Monday, July 15th at the The Bar and Grill in Le Sueur. Members of the committee are Colleen Dies, Fran Tiegs, Darlene Holtz, Jim and Kay O’Neill Bratsch of Lakeville, Bill and Nan Hix of Montgomery, also enjoyed lunch.

A Visitation and Funeral Mass for Daniel Schwartz of Le Sueur were Tuesday and Wednesday this week, now he lays to rest at Mound cemetery. Dan was one of 102 in Le Sueur’s “Class of 67” along with a few from St. Thomas; Jim Denzer, Patty Deutsch Denzer, Tom Doherty, Lynn Regan and this writer. Back in the sixties, Dan Schwartz had the label “Hood”. He was tough, not ‘scarey’ tough. Just tough. I thought the toughness was there to hide any insecurities. He could be naughty and we all like a little naughty. Naughty comments, we’d frown and all laughed at. He’d come to school with a chain holding his billfold. He wore boots and jeans to school before they were ‘in’ and he didn’t think school studies were all that important... and I hadn’t seen Dan in 50 plus years...until the Henderson Roll-in two weeks ago… Chuck, another classmate, greeted Dan as he passed by. It was wonderful seeing him again. We stopped him, we chatted …He was well dressed, nicely trimmed clean hair (no Brylcreem), He was happy, confident, we laughed, we hugged. I was looking forward to seeing Dan again.