Greetings Roll-in fans;

We've had an awesome run of Tuesdays and we're hoping for another great one this week. Along with some terrific vehicles this is also Hummingbird Hurrah weekend in Henderson. If you get a chance, check out the Hummingbird garden at the north end of 4th street. You will be amazed at all the hummers.

Our featured auto sponsor this week is Unique Specialty & Classics and our other sponsors are i-gogs, Purdy & Co., ReMax Advantage Plus- Lynnea Wetzel, and Haggenmiller Lumber of Arlington. Thanks very much to our sponsors and please patronize them whenever possible.

Also this week we'll have a classic double-decker bus from Mankato accompanied by KEYC TV. Something new and different. Not sure what to expect.

Roll-in notes: Co. Rd. #6 will be closed 6 miles north of Henderson for next couple of months. This does not affect #6 to Co. Rd. #12.

Also, please, please abide by our parking designations. This year the yellow curb areas are being enforced and if you need a map of designated parking areas, ask for one at registration. We only have permission to park your classics in public parking areas and where private owners have given us permission. We do not want to see anyone get a ticket or have to move once parked. Thank you.

Thanks again for your great support and we hope to see you in beautiful downtown Henderson.

The Henderson Classic Car Roll-in Committee

The Henderson Classic Car Roll-in Committee is a not-for-profit committee of the Historic Henderson Auto Society