2019 August 10 St. Thomas New

Future Masses here at St. Thomas with Father Hessian will be on Saturdays at 5 pm, September 21, October 12 , and November 2.

Masses at St. Anne’s in Le Sueur are Saturdays at 5:15 p. m., and Sundays 8 and 10:30 a. m.

Congratulations to Tom Goetzinger. The general manager of KCHK Radio has been chosen the 2019 Dozinky Grand Marshall. Yesss!

Congratulations to Father John Lapensky for another great Veseli Ho-Down, a grand crowd, food was good, weather was great with a gentle breeze. Bands played all afternoon and entertained til the end’s grand finale when as many as 12 musicians played together, Charlie Sticha, Jack Malecha, Matt Reak,

Lenny Adamek, Billy Bartusek, Mary Schwartz, Jerry Minar, Colton Tupy, Eddie Shimota Jr, Jim Bartusek, Jake Bastyr, and Bob Pexa, many dancers danced including children,

wonderful folks like Bernie Svoboda Shirley Sticha’s mom, Father Mike of St. Patrick’s parish, Bill and Barb Hoey Pivec, Bill grew up in St. Thomas with his brother Francis, according to Bill, Francis had a heart attack recently. Who knew? Prayers for a complete recovery.

Happy 71st Birthday to Greg Vlasak on the18th of August. His mom, is the one and only Rita Moore Vlasak who grew up on the Montgomery side of St. Thomas and now rests peacefully on the St. Thomas side of Montgomery. We’ve been friends for generations!

The 46th Annual Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Association Show is this coming up this weekend. Check out the Halloran Schoolhouse. The Burns sisters are managing and we keep a wee bit of St. Thomas history on hand. See ya there.