2019 November 18 St Thomas News

Masses at St. Anne’s in Le Sueur are Saturdays at 5:15 p. m., and Sundays 8 and 10:30 a. m. with Father Chris Shofner officiating.

John Callahan passed away Wednesday in Alaska at the age of 94. Many of us know him better as Bud Callahan and Marie Hayden’s brother. He was very well known in the St. Thomas, Belle Plaine and Le Sueur areas. He will be buried up in Alaska. The family is planning on a memorial service for him, here in the spring.

A good crowd and many good friends showed up for the KCHK member appreciation and 50th birthday party. Visited with the KCHK crew and Eddie Shimota and Friends entertained and sounded so good. Among the crowd were the St. Thomas connections having a great time; Bill Byrne, Mary Catherine Connelly, Fran Tiegs, and their great niece, Tammy Erickson, Mosie and Mary Jirak, Mary Jean, Bruce and Cathy Halloran. Cathy was one of the many winners. Our daughter Cari and her girls, Katelyn and Madelyn Landwer joined us again this year, enjoyed popcorn, pop and ‘danced like Grandma’ when she used to take us in the 70’s to what she called “the free dance”.

It was our pleasure to gift “Jirak” glasses to Mosie and Mary. We knew they’d be at the dance, they never miss. After 5 generations our Jirak blood is getting mighty thin and Mosie and Mary Shaughnessy Jirak are the only Jiraks we know with St. Thomas connections.

With a heavy heart, Chuck Kajer’s voice, smile and stories are on our minds this week and will be for a long time. Years ago when I started writing “The St. Thomas News”, our setup here at home wasn’t so good. Tom was gone more and “Everything goes wrong when Tom is gone” a phase our daughter, Cari used to say. I was worked up, the news wouldn’t send, this writer was going to print it out and drive it over. I called Chuck “What’s a matter, Loni? Can’t send an e-mail during a snowstorm?” He chuckled at my delayed reaction to catch the full picture, zapped my stress, and walked me through the sending part. He had empathy, understanding and was so down-to-earth. What a great guy. Our sincere sympathy to Jenny and their family. Sometime through the years, finding out Chuck’s relationship to Virginia Brown of St. Thomas endeared him to us even more. We keep an old picture of Chuck in the office, great smile... probably his 1978 graduation picture, my uncle came across it while writing the Pexa book years ago. R.I.P., Chuck.

Til next time, have a good week folks. Stay safe and God bless.