There has been lots of excitement and anticipation with the recent opening of Neisen's Riverside Sports Bar, formerly known as Whiskey River, so I decided to check it out the other afternoon after washing the kids' hunting gear at the laundromat in St. Peter. As I rolled into the parking lot I couldn't help but laugh at how haphazarderly people were parking. Some cars were north and south while most were east and west as the old lines were hard to see so some just parked as they pleased. I parked quite a ways down the lot, like I was trying to avoid a door ding, but truth be told I was kind of concerned about getting parked in.

I entered the bar side and had a seat at the bar and was greeted with a smile. The high tables are out of the bar side and it's all regular tables and the bar seems much bigger and better. I had a Bloody Mary and chased it down with an IPA, one of the 24 beers on tap. The bloody Mary mix was good, couldn't complain about it, actually quite smooth. The IPA I had was out of Mankato and good. I was hoping for a bigger Schell's selection, but understand not everyone thinks like Norton. Let's be thankful for that...…..

I was given a menu and looking it over I was astounding by the number of appetizers - 27 I counted. Wow. The rest of the menu is the typical bar menu, burgers and sandwiches and some salads. The menu is the same for lunch and supper so if you are expecting a Whiskey River steak or the stuffed shrimp (my old favorite) you will be disappointed. As the name says, it's a sports bar, not a supper club.

I decided appetizers would wait for another day and had a burger and fries. The burger was OK and came out rather quickly so I was happy with that. As I was eating, a few blue hairs came in and then I realized there was meeting of some sort in the big center room. I heard one mention no deer today, so wildlife still abounds close by and it was good to see locals meeting there supporting Ryan & Danny and their new bar grill business. Or was it Ryan and Danny supporting the Blue Hairs? Six one way and half a dozen the other I suppose.

All and all, not a bad experience and I plan on going back and hitting the appetizers with some friends in the near future. And now that I think about, the Blue Hair convention probably explained how the cars were parked. Funny.