2020 February 17 The St. Thomas News

Father James Burns will have the Easter Vigil mass at St. Thomas on Saturday, April 11th, at 7:00 pm.

Masses at St. Anne’s in Le Sueur are Saturdays at 5:15 p. m., and Sundays 8 and 10:30 a. m. with Father Chris Shofner.

Former LSH High School instructor, Terry Mills of Zimmerman has passed away. He’s a former LSH High School instructor, including a Drivers Training teacher.

Barb Halloran and her sisters cozied in on Monday afternoon and had a nice afternoon visiting with their aunts Mary Jean Halloran and Mary Louise Hayden.

After our weekend guests left, Katelyn, Madelyn, Tyler and Anna, on Sunday we headed over to
Brewsters in Vesili. What a great time with Charlie Sticha’s Band entertaining the crowd!

Greetings to Al and Laurie Dietz! Al is the youngest of Dan and Colleen Moore Dietz’s lads, who is also Tom and Katie’s grandson, and greetings to Barb, daughter of Norby Gill’s, neighbor of Ed and Marietta Moore Sharkey who were sitting together at the same table at Brewsters. We were confused trying to find a connection on the Clem Burns and Evelyn Dietz Branches of our St. Thomas Tree, and we clicked when Emmett Halloran and Dorothy Moore’s names came up. Dorothy and Colleen are sisters, and Emmett and Dorothy’s is one of the most beautiful, yet one of the worst tragedies in St. Thomas history.

Robert “Emmett” Halloran, the last born of 12 to Ed and Lizzie Shea Halloran, was born August 24, 1912, and Dorothy Moore, born to Tom and Katie Connelly Moore on October 11, 1916, grew up across the field from each other, and were married in St. Thomas Catholic Church on June 15, 1938. Emmett worked as a farmer, threshing on the side. Emmett was a fun-loving, good-looking, loved children and animals, especially dogs, horses and children. Dorothy was soft-spoken, delicate and beautiful. They settled in a home on the old Clifford place, across County Road #28, and across the road from her folks. A popular couple, everybody knew them. Eventually, they had a son and named him Gordy.

To make a long story short, on November 3, 1941 and Gordy was a little over a year old, Emmett was using dynamite to clear fields behind the barn, had many volunteers to help, but the thought of getting a head start himself proved fatal... Dorothy and their son lived with her folks for awhile, family helped finish up the harvest, hauled the corn to town and sold it for Dorothy. She used it to buy a cozy home near the church in Le Sueur. She never remarried, worked as a receptionist for Mootz Eye Clinic for many years. Gordy graduated from Le Sueur and eventually Dorothy grand-mothered Steve, Tom, Mike and Kathleen and was preceded in death in 2014 by “her husband, three brothers and three sisters” at the age of 97. Emmett and Dorothy are ‘laid to rest’ among our Dearly Departed near the Moore and Halloran families in St. Thomas.

Haunting to this day: In the fall of ‘42’ when the threshing machine was pulled from the shed at the Halloran home place, scratched in the dust on the machine “When on this you cast an eye, remember me as days go by. R. E. H.”

Are we ready for spring yet? Have a good week, folks.