2020 May 11 St. Thomas News
Wow, we’ve got News!

Got an invite from Father Mike Miller of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. They have “a new Tabernacle stand at St. Patrick’s: made of stone, granite and marble. It is finished and very beautiful. Please stop in and see it when you can.” Gotta see this. Brandon and Gina O’Connell were married here and their family still belong to St. Patrick’s.

Prayers for Susie Graham, daughter of Ralph Graham, Jr., is home after spending a few days at Abbott. Susan is considered vulnerable, especially during this covid -19 pandemic.

Prayers for Ronnie O’Brien, son of the late Francis and Mary Grace O’Brien, is a patient at the hospital in Hastings.

Declan O’Connell, Dan and Julie’s lad, was surprised for his golden birthday by a drive-by, Monday, eleven on the 11th. Declan even made the channel 9 news at 9 o’clock.

Luke Graham, Dan’s lad, has recently moved into his great, grandparents home, the late Ralph, Sr. and Mildred Burns Graham , just across the field from his grandpa Ralph Jr’s. has recently become an employee of the Cemstone Company a few miles north of Henderson. Luke is three generations from St. Thomas.

Congratulations to Will Halloran, on graduating from the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth.

Catherine Retka’s family gathered at their Mom’s home to celebrate Mother’s Day... social distancing and with masks. Most of Mary Jean Halloran’s family gathered at their home place for Mother’s Day.
Most St. Thomas families did.

Todd and Peggy Sullivan have a new “neighbor”. Joe Sullivan moved into Grandma Iris’s home this last April. Don’t we love it when our young folks move back to St. Thomas. Todd and Peggy have more news. Yup! Taylor and Mandy... in October!

Jodi and Cari came home with their families, and Corey called with best wishes for this Mom’s Day.
Corey’s lad, Tyler called his Grandma, we usually text back and forth, haven’t heard his voice in awhile. His voice sounded deeper...He sounded more like his older brother Cole. Everything seems like it’s on hold til this pandemic is over, but time keeps moving along, God Bless.