Wow, with the corona and then the rioting in the Cities. What a week! But we have our own News...

Kathryn Pianko O’Neill, born 1916 to Andrew and Mary Ginter Pianko in Derrynane Township, passed away May 24, 2020, preceded in passing by brothers John, Joseph and Anthony Pianko; sisters Anna Schoenecker, Frances Hayden, Mary Labin, Agnes Pianko, Rosemary Mosiniak, Amy Fogarty, Dorothy Brown and Theresa Pianko. Kathryn, 104, was laid to rest at St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery in Minneapolis.

Judy Morrison, daughter of Leo and Toddy Michel Savage, passed away May 26, 2020. Judy was on our school bus route through St. Thomas and Dad rode to work with Leo. Judy will always be remembered as helpful, cheerful and friendly. Our sympathies to Donnie and their family. Our sympathy also to Judy’s siblings, including LuAnne and Brian Guertin and their family who still live in the St. Thomas area.

George Mahowald, of New Market, has passed away May 26, at the age of 90. He was married to Merle Sulllivan, and the son-in-law of Parnell and Rett Halloran Sullivan. Our sympathies to Ann, Paul, Pat & Jean...all their children and families. Mollie Mahowald is one of their 20 grandchildren.

Our sympathies to Loretta O’Connell and her daughters on the passing of Loretta’s sister Sally Kline Roberts, of Ormond Beach, Florida. Sally and Loretta are the daughters of Arnold and Silvia Kline. This writer remembers Sally as beautiful bride at the church in Montgomery, when she attended Sally and Wayne’s wedding with her grandparents sixty years ago. Loretta was a beautiful bride too when she married Richard...saw the pictures.

Congratulations to all our graduates especially with St. Thomas connections. Avery Case, Cam and Gwen’s daughter, and a granddaughter of Bruce and Cathy Halloran of St. Thomas, from St. Thomas and Hunter Rutt, Joe and Jennifer’s lad, Gary and Shirley’s grandson and Jack Sladek, Brad and Kim’s lad, Art and Frannie’s grandson, are both on the Moore branch of our St. Thomas Tree.

Stay informed, stay safe, stay kind... God bless.