2020 June 9 St. Thomas News

Hopefully our St. Thomas and St. Anne’s Churches will be ‘opening’ soon.

Dick and Carol O’Connell attended a Confirmation celebration for their grandson, Eddie Sirek, at his family home. Eddie is Tammy and Paul Sirek’s lad.

Will and Marvin Halloran have graduated! I couldn’t forget that even if I wanted to. Our relatives and the St. Thomas community would’t let me. Kevin and Maria “Beth’s” lads are well known and loved in our community. They grew to adulthood as two of our dedicated altar servers here in St. Thomas. Will has graduated from St. Scholastica University, and Marv ‘with distinction’ from the New Prague High School, his future includes attending the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire. We wish ‘the best of luck’ to these fine young men.

Katelyn and Madelyn Landwer enjoyed fishing with their dad, Kevin, on the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin on Lake Pepin last Friday. Six generations ago Katie and Maddie’s fourth great-grandfather, Vaclav Pexa [1852-1922) immigrated from Czechoslovia with his mother, brother and sister and met up with their father Vojtech Pexa (1819 and died between 1856-1863). The Pexas’ lived and worked on the shores of the huge border lake for a time. Then the Vaclav and Veronica Nosek Pexa family moved to the northwest shore of Lake Pepin between New Prague and Montgomery, and lived there for four generations.

Stay cool, stay safe, and God Bless.