Hydrant flushing on August 24-25, 3:30-8PM
The City of Henderson water system consists of two wells, a 100,000 gallon water tower connected by a 8’ water line, a pressure boosting station and six pressure reducing stations that ensure stable pressure throughout the community.
In 2019, the Henderson City Council approved a water tank and tower cleaning/painting project, both internally and externally (usually every 20 years). Doing so now saved the city thousands of dollars because the tower was in good enough shape it could forego the costly sandblasting process despite being overdue for a re-painting and cleaning. Draining the tank meant the wells had to run continuously during this process to keep water pressure in the system. This was the reasons many saw springs on three fire hydrants, which released pressure in those parts of the water system. With continuous flow of water, the typical additives that are normally fed to the water supply are not allowed to operate to their full effectiveness. This resulted in a number of people seeing unusually high iron build ups and water that tasted differently than many are used too.
With the water tower project completed and the water tower being refilled, the process of bringing the water supply back to a normalized state is underway. The process includes testing, setting the proper well mix between the two wells and then flushing the system. Once the system has been flushed, the additives will then be placed back into the system and the water you are used to seeing and drinking will return. A water main repair will also being taking place during this time.
If you have any further questions, please contact the city office at 507-248-3234.

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