2020 August 24 St. Thomas News
St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Le Sueur will have masses with Father Chris Shofner: Saturdays at 5:15 p. m. and Sundays at 8 a. m. and 10:30 a. m.. Check the website for more instructions.

Emily Kriha Moore Vlasak passed away August 23, 2020. Emily attended District #103 Country School and graduated from Montgomery High School in the mid 40’s. She was one of twelve waitresses at our Mother and Dad’s June 1948 wedding along with Anna Mae and Mary Shaughnessy, and Mary David. Mother was one of the waitress at Jack and Emily’s September 1949 wedding.
Our condolences to the family.

Emily Krekleberg made the “Regional News” the August 17th issue. Emily has found her passion as an Extension educator in health and farm safety with the University of Minnesota. Emily, the daughter of Dale and Patty Krekelberg grew up 5 miles west of St. Thomas told her family’s story. Both her dad lost his leg and her brother Jake lost his arm in farm related accidents, and how accidents effects not only the individual, but impacts the family.

Diane Burns was clearing brush at her daughter Deb’s on the banks of the Credit River Saturday, when she was stung multiple times by a swarm of yellow jacket wasps. She was transported to St. Francis Hospital by ambulance where she was treated for anaphylactic shock. Diane was released and Saturday enjoyed lunch with Deb, and sisters Colleen and Loni at ‘Charlie’s on Prior Lake.’ She says she’s doing good. Beware of the wasps and bees.

Stay well, stay safe, and God bless.