2020 September 1 St. Thomas News
St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Le Sueur will have masses with Father Chris Shofner: Saturdays at 5:15 p. m. and Sundays at 8 a. m. and 10:30 a. m.. Check the website for more instructions.

Chuck and Jessica Retka enjoyed the classic cars and visited with friends on Tuesday night in Henderson.

Davie Connelly and several of his friends helped thresh the wheat crop at Pioneer Power on Saturday.

Cari, Katelyn and Madelyn Landwer, the Baumgards, Jodi, Andy and Anna and Grandma Loni enjoyed Tyler Vlasak’s 13th Birthday at his home in Eden Prairie on Friday.

Maynard and Colleen Rohloff hosted a gathering of campers and kids, “mostly family” on their farm, Saturday. Mike Feeney entertained.

Oral history has it: The war in Europe was flaring and rumors that prices were going to go sky high the next year brought on this question, overheard by Jack Burns, “Charlie said to Dad (Tim Burns, Sr., and Jack could do a good imitation of his brother-in- law, Charlie.) ‘Well, Tim, what do you think? Should I build her a new house?” and Tim must have said yes, cuz the house Charlie built in 1942 for Madelyne was a 3-bedroom, cozy Cape Cod style home, she lived in for the rest of her life. It saw many happy gatherings, and heard much happy talk and if those walls could talk... Charlie passed away, in August of 1996, and after Madelyne passed at 100 years of age, she followed him in August of 2018. After much thought and discussion the house that Charlie built was burned this weekend, a controlled burn, practice for the fire department. Integrity intact.

Stay safe and God bless.