2020 October 12 St. Thomas News

Mass at St. Thomas with Father Hessian will be on Saturday October 17 at 5 pm.

St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Le Sueur will have masses with Father Chris Shofner: Saturdays at 5:15 p. m. and Sundays at 8 a. m. and 10:30 a. m.. Check the website for more instructions.

Our Sympathies to Loretta O’Connell on the death of her brother, Gilbert Kline, who was laid to rest at the Bohemian National Cemetery near Montgomery. Our condolences also to his family including Paul and Berna. We’ve been friends and neighbors for generations.

Billy Joe Byrne is spending some time at Mayo in Rochester. Wishing Bill a speedy recovery.

Camrie Vlasak texted a picture from Colorado of the last fitting of her wedding gown.
Grandpa and Grandma said “Yes” to the dress!

Nature’s colors are lovely this year, on our road trip to Worthington on Monday, we noticed the trees were still green only an hour south of here.

That’s all, folks! I’m off to the Ozarks with masks, sanitizer and plastic gloves. God bless.