The north side utility crew continues to work on sanitary sewer main on 3rd Street N with anticipation of reaching a manhole located around mid-block by the end of today. As the contractor continues south toward Main Street for most of next week, access to this road will be difficult to impossible and residents should anticipate using alleys on either side to reach their homes. The soils on the north side of the project have been very wet, mostly due to ground water near the sewer pipe. This has slowed progress as the contractor continuously pumps the water out of the excavated areas.

The south side utility crew will complete the installation of sanitary sewer main on 4th Street S, south of Market Street today. After the sewer main is installed, they will then go back to install water and sanitary sewer services on this block. As water services are replaced, temporary water shutdowns may be needed. These shutdowns will be temporary but may last up to 4 hours. The contractor and SEH will attempt to reach affected properties by knocking on doors prior to shutdown. In most cases, it should be possible to shut off the affected properties only. Properties on the west side of the street will not require water service replacement. It is anticipated that work on this block will go through the middle of next week.

Street crews are currently working on filling 4th Street S, north of Minnesota Street, with sand. This sand will be left over the weekend and likely not covered with millings before the end of today. The sand surface should not be driven on it will be too soft. Residents should continue to utilize alleys for access until the millings can be placed, most likely to occur on Monday. The intersection with Minnesota Street will be filled up to gravel by the end of today, leaving this road open entirely between TH93 and 3rd Street S. As the street crews will be caught up to utility crews on the south side of the project, it is anticipated they will move over to Market Street next week to begin reconstruction. More information will be provided on Monday.

SEH has reached out to residents without alley access regarding alternate access options while streets are under construction. Please reach out to our field representatives if you have any questions or concerns. John Voigt is the lead RPR and can be reached at 507.380.1157.