2021 February 22 St . Thomas News
St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Le Sueur will have masses with Father Chris Shofner: Saturdays at 5:15 p. m. Sundays at 8 a. m. and 10:30 a. m.. Check the website for more instructions.

Terrence Halloran is batching it for-a-bit, while Dawn is spending awhile in Corbet, Oklahoma with daughter Rachel and Jake Barren, grandchildren 2-year old twins Grayson and Grace, and year-old June. He showed pictures on his phone of them playing in 6 inches of fresh snow, and they were having a blast!

Tammy Simon, brother Val and Theresa Miller of St. Thomas, gathered with their Dad, Val Sr. and other family members, at the Roadhaus in Henderson on Friday evening. Another brother, Charlie and Mary Ellen are now living in their new home on Highway 19, North of St. Thomas.

Happy FFA Week, Monday was a nice day for TCU”s drive the Drive your Tractor to school Day.
Austin Rutt was among the tractor drivers... driving a Farmal M.

About 30 folks,.Tucks, Jim and Marcia Sullivan’s family, Mike Sullivan, Holdens, Doc, Paula and Eric O'Connell, Andy and James Oaks with a couple of kids, showed up for lots of fun, sledding Sunday the 21st, on Holden’s Hill.

Much appreciation to Mary Jean Halloran for the heads-up on-line mass of Father Roger Hessian’s 60th Jubilee Celebration at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Naples, Florida. It was wonderful! Father told his personal story of the Chalice he carried with him, gifted from his brother. He introduced the twelve men of God on the altar with him, and humbly thanked all for coming. Then said “I just spotted good friends Gordy and Margie Eischens walk in,” Margie wore black with shamrock green sleeves. Music was wonderful, many songs we’d sing here. Later, Father mentioned other relatives he saw come in and wondered out loud “what prison they’d be comin’ from.” One priest quoted as Father removed his yellow vestments “Let’s have some music, he’s undressing.” Party atmosphere during mass. He reached under his vestment like he reaches for his phone, only to retrieve a kleenex. With the help of two fellow priests, Father became quite emotional and humbled as they draped him in bright royal purple vestments, gifted from St. Peter’s parish there in Naples. “Once a priest, always a priest.” Have a safe trip home, Father...and God bless.