2021 March 2 St . Thomas News
St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Le Sueur will have masses with Father Chris Shofner: Saturdays at 5:15 p. m. Sundays at 8 a. m. and 10:30 a. m.. Check the website for more instructions.

Congratulations to Lauren Highland, from Morgan Minnesota, on being voted as the Rockstar Newbie of the Ruff Start Rescue Organization. Ruff Start Rescue is a nonprofit companion animal rescue that serves communities throughout Minnesota and states in the south with severe pet overpopulation. Lauren grew up in Jessenland and her grandparents are Geri and the late, great Francis Odenthal.

Max and Mickey Sullivan enjoyed fish and shrimp on Friday at Cindy’s Kitchen in Belle Plaine. Mickey was anxious for the St. Thomas Bowling Party on Saturday. Later Mickey reported, “Everybody had a good time and the pizza was good!”

Dick and Bernie Wolff enjoyed lunch at the Roadhaus on Saturday. Dick’s anxious for the next Burns cousins get-together.

Kim Goetzinger is toten’ a new ‘Colts blue cast’, after her staples were remove recently, following the surgery on her broken arm.

Steve Allen Bennett passed away February 17, 2021. He was intelligent, kind, and witty. Steve joined our Le Sueur “Class of 67” around our Freshmen year. We learned a lot from Steve who had cerebral palsy. Instead of pity, he liked being just one of the guys, well-like for his out-going, friendly personality. In February of 1966, Steve was reported missing from the school. An all-points -bulletin was put out looking for him. His coat still in his locker, it was so cold outside, and he was not seen for at least 2-hours. He was found walking many blocks from the school... in a t-shirt, cold and wet from crying. Later, after he warmed up, dried off and calmed down, he explained to authorities, a few guys he didn’t know, were “mean teasing” him. Steve could take alot of “fun teasing,” God knows he got fun teasing from the ‘Class of 67’ guys and he knew the difference. He “had to get away and didn’t know where to go”. Following this happening, Steve stayed close to buddies (or buddies stayed close to him...) feeling protective, it endeared him to us even more.

Heard from Sheila Halloran Soukup: Who “was sitting in their home in Anchorage Saturday morning at 10 AM when she heard a rumble and felt the room start to tremble. At first she thought it might be a big truck driving by but immediately realized it was an earthquake. It increased in intensity, then gradually died away but the house continue to tremble for quite a while. Jerry was driving, he didn’t feel it. It turned out to be a 5.3 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter about 20 miles from our home on the other side of Cook Inlet with the depth of 26 miles. The Alaska Earthquake Center said that it was an aftershock from our 7.1 earthquake on November 30, 2018 which did cause lots of damage. Luckily there was no damage or injuries from this earthquake, but it brought back some anxiety for everyone who remembers the other quake. It is not uncommon to feel smaller 3.5 earthquakes once or twice a year but this got people’s attention!”

Belated birthday greetings to our lovin’ sister, Colleen Burns Rohloff... Feb 27, 1959. She reminded me, “It’s the year we got an indoor bathroom.” “It was the coolest birthday! Maynard called the kids & invited them over. I didn’t know anything about it. It was so awesome to have all my kids home for my birthday...even the outlaws! Just to know they took the time to spend the day with me!” Colleen is Mom to 4, and 4 outlaws, and Grandma to 8... and has the gift of going on and on with emojis and praise. “It was the absolute best gift ever!”

Got a call from Loretta O’Connell. She got 102 Birthday cards for her 96th birthday! The goal was 96 cards! Now, what are we gonna do for her 102nd Birthday?

Stay good and God bless.