First update for 2021.

GM Contracting has begun remobilizing their construction equipment for resumption of work in 2021. The remaining utility work on 3rd Street S between the levee and Main Street is anticipated to start next week, assuming the current trend of warm and dry weather continues. This work is planned to be completed through open cut construction. Soil and groundwater conditions are expected to be better than encountered last year and sanitary sewer installation will likely take 2 weeks to complete. Street reconstruction will occur immediately after up to gravel surface, similar to restoration work completed last year.

Work on city streets started last fall will remain gravel maintenance only until later in April or early May. Concrete curb and gutter placement will be one of the first activities to complete and is dependent on certification of concrete production plants and temperatures consistently above freezing over night for proper curing. In addition, load limits are also still in-place and affect the contractor’s ability to bring material to and from the construction sites. Future updates will be provided when this schedule is determined.

Last edited by Jeff Steinborn; 03/30/21 02:11 PM.