2021 Nov 20 St. Thomas News

Sister Connie Krautkremer, a Maryknoll nun, is here visiting family and friends. Brother Dennis Krautkremer of Montgomery and his “Sister” stopped at the Roadhaus in Henderson on Thurs “for french toast and a slab of bacon. Sister Connie lives a few miles north of New York City and will be going back in a couple weeks. “She’s kind of a big wheel” says Dennis. Dennis’s son, Nick volunteered his dad to get eggs from Walbaums for the breakfast coming up Sunday at the K. C. Hall.. Nick and our son Corey were classmates in Montgomery years ago. Greetings from Sister Connie to Armella, Katherine and all her other friends.

Out of the Archives: Much appreciation to Jim Korbel, son-in–law of Blanche Zellmer, for saving and sending the precious Jessenland Church historical article, of the other St. Thomas. When “The Church of St. Thomas in Jessenland Township had been listed on the National Register of Historical Places.” “Located five miles north of Henderson. Jessenland is considered to be the nucleus of the first Irish community in Minnesota, built in 1870, the third church building of the parish.”

Take care and God bless.