If you really want some specific ideas...here goes...

I think it would be nice to a have a "traditional, small town" catered buffet dinner...fried chicken, ham mashed potatoes, etc...the kind of food that was always served at weddings, school proms etc. I haven't had that kind of meal since the last wedding reception I attended in Henderson.

I think we should have a DJ playing all 80's music and invite graduates from at least the classes of '86 and '88 to attend...heck maybe even the classes of '85 and '89 too. The truth is with Henderson being such a small high school we all had friendships (some frendlier than others if ya know what I mean) with people in these classes and we have not seen them in years.

I think it would be nice to invite our former teachers and school staff.

I think a reunion should be held in our hometown. Many of don't get there as often as we should. Personally I don't have an interest in the cabin/resort idea. I realize that I am fortunate enough to have access during the summer to a lake/cabin and that kind of makes it less appealing to me.

Hope that helps....should we form a "committee" to meet sometime this fall and throw around ideas and crunch some numbers?

Go Johnnies!